Best Glossier Products 2019: Everything That’s Worth Your Money

Best Glossier Products 2019: Everything That’s Worth Your Money 1


Glossier is known for a lot of things: millennial pink bubble wrap, the perfect no makeup-makeup look, and the undeniable hype that sends people into a frenzy over anything it makes. Go to its showroom on any given day and you’re bound to find the space packed with a line out the door. Meanwhile, its Instagram is filled with overly enthusiastic comments demanding more information, more products, more everything and anything from the brand.

But just like with anything that seems too good to be true, those who aren’t fully aboard the Glossier train often wonder whether its products are actually worth it. Does Boy Brow really transform your eyebrows? Is Cloud Paint seriously as good as its painfully cute tube would lead you to believe? Does Glossier Play truly hold up? If the reviews ahead have anything to say, the answer is a resounding yes.

We asked the Glamour team to share the Glossier products they absolutely can’t live without. Believe it or not, their favorite picks came in all across the board (but yes, we did get at least five emphatic “BOY BROW!!!!” responses). Scroll on for their honest reviews, and what’s absolutely worth spending money on from Glossier.


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