11 Things We Had No Idea Existed, and Now We Can’t Forget

Creativity is something that has no limits, and this can be seen in all stages of human history — whether it was hundreds of years ago with very few resources, or in modern times, with an incredible amount of information and new technology at our fingertips. But today, we can still live without knowing the reasoning behind the most peculiar things. And yet, you can find such oddities all over the world. However, we’ll take the time to go a step further, because once we know about something strange, it’s difficult not to want to investigate it a little more.

At Bright Side, we scoured the Internet looking for unimaginable things that would make us open our eyes in disbelief. Thankfully, we came across some very interesting things that we wanted to share.

1. “A dog bathroom in an Istanbul airport”

2. “My kind of Christmas tree”

3. “My grandma has owned these glasses for 36 years. Turns out, they’re not completely made of gold.”

4. “I captured a unique, Dutch, floating neighborhood.”

5. “A realistic sculpture, The Traveler, in Orlando International Airport”

6. “The oldest operating bookstore in the world, founded in 1732 in Lisbon, Portugal, known as the Bertrand Bookstore”

7. “Lapis lazuli, easily the most historically significant gemstone! Before becoming an antique, this famous deep blue, golden-speckled stone has been used in everything from mummy tomb detailing to being crushed into exquisite pigments!”

8. “This shopping center’s sinks have knee buttons to control the tap (Italy).”

9. “A pill bottle that keeps track of when it was last opened.”

10. “I found a melanistic white-tail deer, one of the rarest deer colors ever, rarer than an albino.”

11. “Biodegradable packaging liner made of cornstarch that completely dissolves in water.”

Have you ever learned of the existence of a random object? Was your life ever the same? What would you like to see discovered or invented?

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