13 Stories About What Can Happen If a Child Grows Up in a Really Wealthy Family

  • I went to high school with a ton of rich kids. One girl, in particular, seemed to have it all. She was thin, tall, beautiful, dressed nice, drove a Porsche, had friends, and got good grades. But she lacked all common sense. One day she comes in saying she stole her mom’s emerald bracelet because she wouldn’t let her wear it. She was flaunting those dark green jewels to everyone. Fast forward a couple of classes into the day, now she’s saying the bracelet fell off and she can’t find it. Says it’s going to “teach her mother a lesson” for not letting her wear it and that her mother will just “have to buy a new one.” When I was 15 or so, I ended up losing a bracelet my mother bought me as a birthday gift a few years prior. That bracelet was $40, which was a lot of money for my mother to spend on a gift. I was used to not getting anything for my birthday. I searched for that bracelet until dawn broke and I finally found it. Some things just can’t be replaced. © laughing-tree / Reddit

  • There is this girl named Alice who has wealthy parents. She spends all of her time in clubs, at parties, and shopping. She is 17 years old. She decided to ask her father for an apartment in the city center for her birthday. Throughout the year, she was hinting that she wanted to get the “coveted keys,” “her own space,” etc. On her birthday, she received a nice box with keys inside from her father. The next morning, she found out that these were the keys to their house, and one tiny key was for a wooden barn behind the house. Like, here’s your personal space, daughter, here are your keys. When you’re ready to move out, go figure out how to earn money by yourself. © kosmobrick / Pikabu

  • I have a friend, we’ve known each other since childhood. She is from a very rich family. Everyone thinks that she can easily get anything she wants, but I know how hard it is for her sometimes. It seems like her father doesn’t love her at all, he scolds her and insults her. He always makes decisions for her. Like, she was fond of ballroom dance, it was her life, but he made her quit because she “couldn’t cope with her studies.” You know, my family maybe isn’t rich, but I always decided for myself what I wanted to become. Now my friend’s father wants her to go to Moscow and go to college there. And I know that she doesn’t want that at all. He just wants it for the sake of prestige. © _Hanna04 / Twitter

  • My fiancé was telling me a story about the “exchange students” that lived with them and how they were so nice and would help take care of the house. I asked him why his exchange students stayed with them for so long, when all my high school exchange student friends had only stayed for a semester. It was at that moment that he realized he grew up with Swiss nannies. © CiegoTigre / Reddit

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