15 Parents Shared What Made Them Realize Their Kids Were Actually Small Adults

My son was a certifiable little pain in the neck. I love him, but for a good long while, he was a deep-sighing, eye-rolling, obstinate, obnoxious little weasel. At the early teen age, where he barely spoke to his father or me, I was pleasantly surprised to learn he was spending a lot of time with close neighbors of ours, an older couple with an empty nest who went to our church. That little man went out and formed a friendship with the nicest people on the block all by himself. He even helped them with chores! I couldn’t get the little man to clean his room under threat of death, and he’s out there carrying out another woman’s trash! I was never so pleased or proud. ©Maxwyfe / Reddit

When my daughter was 3, she said she liked the moons. I said Earth only has one moon, but some other planets have more than one. We were walking to the shop at the time, and she suddenly burst into tears. She wouldn’t tell me what was wrong, and we sat on the floor and had a quick cuddle. When we got to the shop, she begged me to get a teddy bear. Walking to the counter to pay, she said, “Moon is lonely and my stuffy stops my ’lonelies.’” The guy behind the counter refused to charge us for it and a lovely lady behind us asked us to wait. She bought my daughter a chocolate bar and a card for Moon. When we got home, she said we needed to write 2 letters. We wrote one to Santa, and the second one was to NASA, explaining that if there was room on the next rocket to the moon, could they please take the teddy bear to the Moon, so it wouldn’t be lonely. I posted it to NASA and I put in our address and an email address. Me, the shopkeeper, and the lady in line weren’t the only ones touched by this, because we heard back from someone at NASA! They sent a photoshopped picture of Teddy on the Moon and explained (for my eyes only) that they would donate the teddy bear to a children’s hospital. They said they were very moved because they never thought of it that the Moon might be lonely, and it was very sweet of my daughter. She’s 6 now, and swears blind on a clear night she can still see the stuffy on the Moon, and she’s glad it likes it enough to look after it for so long! ©MamaBear8414 / Reddit

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