15 People Shared the Absurd Labels They Got From Others

  • I have a thing: I can’t wear the same clothes 2 days in a row. When I was in school, other kids thought I had a lot of clothes but, in fact, I was just able to combine clothes in different ways. And all my shoes had heels, even my winter boots. And once, my classmate told me that he thought I was arrogant. I was shocked. I never thought that people might think that of me. And this guy also told me he was wrong. He liked me so much that he even fell in love with me.

  • No matter what a woman does after she has a child, people will talk about it. I took maternity leave one week before giving birth and returned to work shortly afterward. You know who I am? Right. I’m a bad mother that doesn’t care about her child. And nobody cares what I think. © Yuliya Dunaeva / Facebook

  • Once, I hit a guy for bullying me. And when he went to the teacher to complain about me, she was like, “Jane? Jane hit you? This WALLFLOWER? Stop lying!” © itssanlee / Twitter

  • My dad is not a “real man.” My mom worked as a teacher and my dad was a train operator. I saw my dad more often than I saw mom. He was the one that taught me to climb trees, hammer nails, and other useful things. And he was learning too: how to make breakfast, braid hair, see the difference between all shades of pink and white in order to buy “the right” dress. This year, he’s turning 60 and he’s the best father, husband, and grandfather. © dobrayadusha / Pikabu

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