15 Stories From People That Can’t Get Over the Rudeness They Witnessed

  • We have a neighbor that has problems with her legs. It’s difficult for her to walk. My wife and I and another neighbor sometimes help her: we buy groceries for her, medications, some stuff for the house. Of course, she pays for the purchases. But also, for some reason, she sends tons of texts to my wife: pictures, videos, texts. She will send 20 of them a day. And let’s not even mention the regular calls, where my wife has to listen to her talking. And my wife uses this phone for her job and she can’t just not check it. So, I told her to stop responding to the texts. I hope the lady understands. © Igor2018 / Pikabu

  • Advertisers call our office and want us to work with them. I tell them politely that we won’t be needing their services anytime soon. They say, “So, we’ll call you back after lunch?” I say something like, “Soon means maybe in 6 months.” And they say, “Who should we contact when we call you in 6 months?” ©

  • I have a female colleague. She often likes to ask people about their appearance. And it’s the same all the time. She doesn’t want to know anything, she just says, “You look bad today. Did you sleep well? You sleep well? But you have dark circles. Maybe you have bad kidneys, maybe you should have a check-up! It’s not normal to look like this. Maybe you should try and wash the bedsheets? It could be an infection. You should do something. What doctors have you seen about it?” She does this with everyone — bald men, girls with acne. © anarchy19 / Pikabu

  • I was at the supermarket buying apples and a tall girl wearing high heels walked past me. The cashier said, “So tall and she’s wearing high heels!” I said, “It’s rude to discuss other people’s appearances.” The cashier says, “Isn’t it rude to wear heels when you’re that tall? I feel like a hedgehog!” ©

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