15+ Stories Where Kids Broke All Their Parents’ Upbringing Strategies

When my older son was about 3 or 4 years old, we realized he was starting to act very spoiled and materialistic. We always tried to make him see how lucky he already had it, but he constantly begged us for every toy, piece of candy, and treat he saw anywhere and everywhere. Around that time, I came across a great photo spread that involved a photographer traveling around the world and snapping photos of different children with their most prized possessions. There were also photos of children from impoverished nations, usually showing the child with only one old, dirty stuffed animal. I thought I was going to accomplish this brilliant parenting move by sitting him down and going through the photos with him. We looked through the photos and talked about each one. We finally got to one with a little boy standing on his cot with his one possession, a well-loved, dingy-looking stuffed monkey. My son looked at it for a long time. I could see his wheels spinning. “Success!” I thought. After a long bit of silence, he finally looked up at me, gave me a sweet smile, and said, “I want that monkey.” © forever_monstro / Reddit

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