17 People With a Big Heart Who Deserve an Award From the Ministry of Kindness

  • I was on my way to work when I saw a puppy lying in the road — he was alive but his paws were injured. I felt so sorry for it, so I called a taxi, took the puppy to the vet, used the last of my money for the treatment, and later brought the animal back to my home. As I was making a bed for my new pet, a door opened and the landlord of the apartment I was renting came in. He was totally against having animals at home and I was mentally ready to start packing my belongings and leave the apartment. He looked at the dog, turned around, and left without saying a word. Later he came back with food for the dog and said that I wouldn’t have to pay for this month because the pet needs the proper care.

  • A long time ago I found a phone, dialed the number saved as “mom,” and gave it back to the owner. I refused to take any reward. At that point, my husband said that it was only me who would refuse the money, while I replied that kindness comes back to you after a while. Several years later my husband forgot his phone on a bench in a park and some kind-hearted people found it and returned it, also refusing the reward. That’s when my spouse admitted he was wrong. © Katya / AdMe

  • Last winter I found a good warm glove and hung it on a tree so that people wouldn’t step or walk on it. The day before yesterday I was rushing to a clinic with my baby in a stroller and my hat dropped out of my pocket. On my way back, I saw my hat on the same tree. The boomerang does work! © Olashka / Pikabu

  • My granddad used to live in a remote town in the mountains. Once, he was visited by some tourists who were extremely tired and soaking wet. They asked for his permission to put up tents in his yard. My granddad invited them to stay in his home, he gave them food, and prepared a hot bath for them. In the morning, he woke them up so that they didn’t miss the bus. Then he went out to work in the yard so that the tourists wouldn’t start offering him money or compensation of some sort. When he came home, he saw a big sack with canned food, pasta, various yummies, and a note that said, “Thanks for your kindness!” That winter was very severe and the products turned out to be extremely useful for my granddad.

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