18 Pics From Old Photo Albums That Both Delight and Embarrass

When was the last time you grabbed an old photo album from the depths of your drawers and dove into the atmosphere of the past for a few hours? No photo galleries in smartphones can be compared to this wonderful ritual. The characters of this article like to look through old photos and don’t feel shy about sharing even the funniest ones with the whole world.

We at Bright Side decided to check our drawers too and found several old photo albums in there. We recommend that you do the same after reading this article.

“This was me at 16… I’m a dude.”

“I was a true child of the ’90s.”

“When my brother and I were kids, we performed for my dad as the ’Bathrobe Bros.’ Our bed was the stage.”

“Somewhere between 12 and 24 I figured out what shampoo was for.”

“When I was 14, I was pretty good at chess, but arguably not so great at… fashion, or style, or much else.”

“My boyfriend and I both age 13 (16 years ago). My mom calls this photo a family heirloom.”

“Me at prom in high school”

“I smiled like this because I had no top teeth.”

“My friend’s daughter found my photo in our junior high yearbook. And they laughed, and laughed…”

“Tamagotchi: the fashion statement piece you never knew you needed.”

“I am 14 (the one on the right) and destroying the ozone one can of hairspray at a time.”

“8-9 year old me in an internet cafe playing the first Counter-Strike”

When you enjoyed the toppest degree of your coolness:

“My family photo, circa 1990. The transition from the ’80s to the ’90s was interesting. I’m the one in the back, age 10.”

“My beloved wife in 1986 when we went on a stroll near a river in Switzerland”

“15 years old and I didn’t even like emo music. I was just trying to get with this emo girl and things kind of got out of control.”

“Back in 1998 when I liked Pokémon before it was cool. Thanks, grandma for making me take photos every Halloween!”

“My dad in the ’80s”

Please show us your favorite photo from your old photo albums in the comments!

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