20+ Facts About Ancient Romans That Sound Wild Today

  • Most Romans would eat from 4 PM until 6 PM. In the morning and for lunch, they had some light snacks, sometimes just bread. Poor people would eat the grain that rich Romans would give to their cattle. A person with an average income would eat bread, vegetables, olive oil, and cereal every day. Rich people could afford meat and spices.

  • There’s a popular misconception that Romans didn’t know when to stop eating, so the places where they ate were next to vomitoriums — places where they could empty their stomachs and go back to eating. But in fact, vomitoriums were passages situated below or behind a tier of seats in an amphitheater or a stadium.

  • Most Romans worked 6 hours a day — from dawn till midday. The rest of the day they would spend on resting: rich and poor people visited the gladiator fights, chariot races, theaters, and saunas.

  • In Rome, emperors that built saunas were really popular. The Romans loved saunas and used them as places to rest, talk to someone, and even negotiate business. Usually, they went to the sauna once or twice a week, the price was pretty low, and it was free on holidays. A typical sauna had 3 rooms — warm, hot, and cool with pools and a place for physical exercise.

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