20 Fast Food Employees Who Deserve a Nobel Prize for Their Patience

  • Was a shift manager at a McDonald’s in the middle of a mall. A guy walks up to the counter with several McDonald’s bags of food.

    Guy: My wife came through your drive-thru and you messed up the order!

    Me: Are you sure she came through our drive-thru?

    Guy: Yes! She told me she came through the drive-thru, and when she got home she realized the order was wrong. Y’all need to give us our money back and give us the right food.

    Me: **confused while looking around the mall**

    Me: Did she drive through Sears or JC Penny to get here?

    Guy: Looks around and finally realizes he’s in the middle of a mall. Grabs the bags and huffs away.

    That was the single greatest amount of human negligence I had ever experienced…

    © Displaced_Yankee / Reddit

  • I used to manage a Del Taco during my highschool teenage years, and we had an older man come in once a month and drive straight through the speaker to our window. At the said window, he’d look at me until I came over, would ordering Starbucks, then midway through, he’d realize it was a Del Taco and drive off. Once a month, every month, for 2 years. © BigOlSmelly / Reddit

  • I worked at Dunkin’, and one time, a customer came through the drive-through and complained to us that the drive-through was built in a way that made it hard to drive. She started yelling at my co-workers so I just put down what I was doing and told her, “Ma’am we cannot change the construction of the building.” Like, seriously though, what’d she want us to do? I just make sandwiches. © givemethebeef / Reddit

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