30+ Ethereal Photos That Prove People’s Faces Were Pretty Special 100 Years Ago

The faces of people in old photographs of the late 19th-early 20th centuries are very different from modern ones. One of the reasons for this is the length of the camera exposure. More than 100 years ago, photographic film didn’t have high light sensitivity, and shutter speed lasted from a few seconds to several minutes. In addition, people were rarely photographed, so each photoshoot was a memorable event for them that they took very seriously. And this fact also affected the expression on their faces.

But we at Bright Side are sure that the main reason is that a person’s appearance is greatly influenced by the reality that they live in. And you’ll probably agree that our world has changed a lot in 100 years. Just have look at the photographs of people from the past century and even the century before. And as a bonus, we added some evidence that people have always loved posing with their pets.

Bonus: And over 100 years ago, people loved taking pictures with their pets.

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