COVID-19: Boris Johnson says ‘it’s too early’ for decision over summer holiday plans

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It is “too early” to say if people will be allowed to take summer holidays abroad or in the UK, Boris Johnson has said.

The prime minister stopped going as far as his transport secretary, who said this morning “people shouldn’t be booking holidays right now – not domestically or internationally”.

Grant Shapps’ comments had prompted fury from Charles Walker, a senior Tory MP who told Sky News it was a “stupid thing to say”.

Mr Johnson tried to skirt round the subject at a No 10 coronavirus briefing on Wednesday, saying: ” I’m afraid it is just too early for people to be certain about what we’ll be able to do this summer.”

More details will be announced on 22 February as part of the promised roadmap out of lockdown, Mr Johnson vowed.

He added: “I understand why people want to make plans now, but we’re just going to have to be a bit more patient.”

Mr Johnson also did not deny the government was working on developing an app for people to show to let them travel internationally, containing details about their COVID-19 status.

We’re looking at all sorts of things that we may wish to do in the months ahead, he said.

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