People Honestly Shared Why They Are Glad to Be Single

  • I’ve been in a toxic relationship before, and I still think it’s better to be alone than to be stuck with the wrong person. I’m not sorry that I had the experience, but I am glad it’s behind me. Now hopefully I can find something better. © dark_blue_7 / Reddit

  • I have a queen bed and I can use one half to sleep and the other half for books and my Nintendo switch. My bed is the best nightstand for all my books when I’m too lazy to get up on weekends. No one is there that I have to move stuff over for so they can sleep. © Amazing_Ratio_7968 / Reddit

  • I can save money. Other than rent, utilities, and gas I only spent $50 on food in the past 3 months. © suitology / Reddit

  • No drama over where to spend the holidays. © hostess_cupcake / Reddit

  • I can only hang with my friends when I want to. I am an introvert and used to date an extrovert who couldn’t get through one weekend without going out/socializing at least 5x. He’d insist on dragging me along on or invite his friends over. That was horrible for me, I just wanted to relax on my own or spend quality time together instead of having to entertain guests that weren’t even nice to me half the time. © jijijojijijijio / Reddit

  • I can talk to myself aloud and it won’t seem weird to anyone. If someone else is around when you talk to yourself, you’re a nutcase, but if no one hears you, it’s fine. © KadTheHunter / Reddit

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