Why Men Who Marry Women From Another Country Might Be Happier

Hunks like George Clooney and Matthew McConaughey have found their happily-ever-after with drop-dead gorgeous international women. Intercultural marriages are a special thing that can change a man’s life for the better. Not only can a man learn a lot from his wife but, he might also have more opportunities in life than he did before.

Bright Side brings you all the reasons why men find international women so captivating and how it can improve their lives.

1. They learn a new language.

This can be the perfect excuse, and they even have their own personal teacher. Although you may both speak the same language, the families may not, so this is crucial for getting to know them. Of course, being bilingual (or trilingual!) has huge benefits for his mind as he will also gain a new perspective of the world.

2. They travel more.

Of course, with a wife who has a family abroad comes many trips overseas. This can be the perfect opportunity for them to add a short holiday on the way to visit family and friends. Stop-over flights can turn into mini-adventures as he visits places he never thought he would. There is also the added bonus of having 2 passports, giving him to chance to travel more easily.

According to a study, this actually improves relationships by strengthening communication, as couples who travel more are less likely to divorce.

3. They get 2 weddings.

There are never enough reasons to party with friends and family, and what is a better excuse than a wedding! Having a multicultural wedding can immerse him into another way of life, and that can be great fun for him.

However recent studies tell us that this is becoming less common, as fewer people in the U.S. are deciding to get married at all over the last few decades.

4. They celebrate more holidays than they used to.

Sharing cultural traditions can be an exciting part of any relationship, especially when they are celebrations and holidays. Not only can husbands start new holidays, but they can also share their own traditions with their wives, reliving the excitement all over again.

Sharing these moments together can be an important part of a strong marriage, and studies show that a healthy marriage has huge benefits for our bodies and mind.

5. They fall in love with food again.

With another country and culture comes the cuisine, in other words, an opportunity for discovering a new favorite dish. Food can be the gateway into a culture and is a tasty way for him to understand more about his wife and where she is from. Actually, anthropologists consider food to be very important for our social relations and communication, since it is something we can share together.

6. They have smarter children.

Studies show that learning 2 languages as a kid positively impacts your mental development. Chances are that both the husband and the wife will raise their child with their mother tongues. Of course, there is always the extra bonus of living away from both of your home countries, and introducing the child to a third language.

7. They see their home with fresh eyes.

Showing someone around your home city or country can give you a new perspective of where you grew up and lived. Her curiosity and excitement about things he finds totally normal can make him appreciate where he is from again. Interacting with the city differently, perhaps as a tourist, can help him to discover another side to his home, as well as form new memories together in his city.

8. They get more attention from their wife.

This is especially true if he is in a long-distance relationship, as can often happen in multicultural pairings. The time spent together becomes more precious and it can even strengthen the bond of the couple. Therefore, it may turn out that she takes him less for granted and that they share a healthier marriage after the test of long-distance and time apart to visit their family.

9. They have more job opportunities.

Because having an international wife can generally mean that she speaks another language, the husband may choose to learn it too. Being bilingual and having 2 passports can open many doors in the job market that he may not have previously thought about.

Numbers show that the demand for bilingual workers has hugely grown over the years as they are considered a valuable part of the economy. So perhaps there are further financial benefits for him.

What do you think about cross-cultural marriage? When did you get married?

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