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Apricot Kernel Oil – 100ml

Botanical Name: Prunus Armeniaca Origin: Although its believed that apricots initially came from Armenia or far East, our Apricot Kernel oil

Argan Oil – 100ml

Botanical Name: Argania Spinosa Origin: Argan oil is believed to be one of the rarest oils in the world, it

Avocado Oil – 100ml

Botanical Name: Persea Gratissima Origin: Its believed that avocados are primarily native to Mexico where Aztecs tribes used to spread

Borage Oil – 100ml

Botanical Name:  Borago Officinalis. Origin: The Borago plant, also known as the Starflower is native to the eastern Mediterranean region.

Calendula Oil – 100ml

Botanical Name:  Calendula Officinalis. Origin: France – The Calendula or Marigold plant is so widely grown that its precise origin

Castor Oil – 100ml

Botanical Name: Ricinus Communis Origin: Its been thought that Castor oil have been used from ancient times by Egyptian doctors

Evening Primrose Oil – 100ml

Scientific Name: Oenothera Biennis Origin: Evening Primrose, sometimes known as Evening Star is a Biennial plant is native to North

Grapeseed Oil – 100ml

Botanical Name:  Vitis Vinifera Origin: Although the Grapeseed oil is native to Mediterranean regions and Asia, it is now widely

Hazelnut Oil – 100ml

Botanical Name:  Corylus Avellana Origin: The common hazelnut is grown all over the European and Asian continents and beyond. It is

Hempseed Oil – 100ml

Botanical Name: Cannabis sativa Origin: Hemp plant has been used all over the world for many years. Our Hempseed oil

Jojoba Oil – 100ml

Botanical Name: Simmondsia Chinensis Origin: Originated from North America and areas of the western coast of Mexico and then from

Macadamia Oil – 100ml

Botanical Name: Macadamia Integrifolia. Origin: The Macadamia plant originated in Australia and have been consumed and processed by the indigenous

Natural Vitamin E Oil – 100ml

Botanical Name:  Triticum Vulgare (Tocopherol). Origin: Germany- Vitamin E is a group of fat-soluble vitamins with antioxidant effects. The best

Neem Oil – 100ml

Botanical Name:  Azadirachta Indica Origin: The Neem tree originates in India and is now being grown successfully in Northern Australia. The

Olive Oil – 100ml

Scientific Name: Olea Europaea Origin: Olive oil have originated from eastern Mediterranean areas and was used for variety of purposes such

Peach Kernel Oil – 100ml

Botanical Name: Prunus Persica  Origin: Our Peach Kernel oil is being largely produced in Spain , mainly in locations of

Rapeseed Oil – 100ml

Botanical Name:  Brassica Campestris Origin: Although our Rapessed oil comes from neighbouring regions of France, it is believed that the

Rosehip Oil – 100ml

Botanical Name:  Rosa Mosqueta Origin: Chile – Although the Rosehip oil is being produced in many regions of the world today,

Sweet Almond Oil – 100ml

Botanical Name:  Prunus Amygdalu Dulcis Origin: The Almond Tree is native to the Middle East and South Asia but has since

Wheatgerm Oil – 100ml

Botanical Name: Triticum Vulgare. Origin: Wheat originated in the ancient fertile crescent area between the Mediterranean Sea and the Persian Gulf.