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1 Litre Beard Oil – Nordic Spruce – Regenerate!

Nordic Spruce Beard Oil is made with Frankincense and Spruce Essential oils and carefully blended in  Apricot, Argan and Golden

1 Litre Beard Oil – Roman Gladiator – Enhance!

Take a break from the fruity and floral, to try this clean yet exotic scent of Black Pepper and Bergamot

1 Litre Beard Oil – Spartan Hero – Condition!

Simple and natural, this is a super fine Beard Oil made with Patchouli, Lime and Cedarwood Essential oils and carefully

1 Litre Beard Oil – Viking Musk – Cleanse!

Simple and natural, this is a super fine Beard Oil made with Orange and Sandalwood Essential oils and carefully blended

10 ml Aniseed China Star (Star Anise)

Latin Name : Illicium VerumPart of Plant Used : FruitSource : ChinaExtraction Method : Steam Distillation Anise Seed Essential Oil

10 ml Basil Essential Oil

Latin Name : Ocimum Basilicum.Plant Part Used : Flowering Herb.Source : India.Extraction Method : Steam Distillation. Basil Essential Oil is

10 ml Bay Leaf Essential Oil

Latin Name : Pimenta Racemosa.Plant Part Used : LeavesSource : Caribbean.Extraction Method : Steam Distillation. The West Indian Bay is

10 ml Benzoin Essential Oil (Dilute/Dpg)

Latin Name : Styrax BenzoinPart Of Plant Used : ResinSource : PhilippinesExtraction Method : Steam Distillation The benzoin resin is

10 ml Bergamot (FCF) Essential Oil

Latin Name : Citrus Bergamia.Part Of Plant Used : Fruit PeelSource : Ivory Coast.Extraction Method : Cold Expression. Bergamot Essential

10 ml Blackpepper Essential Oil

Latin Name : Piper NigrumPart Of Plant Used : PeppercornsSource : IndiaExtraction Method : Steam Destilation This Black Pepper Essential Oil is

10 ml Cajaput Essential Oil

Latin Name : Melaleuca CajuputiPart Of Plant Used : Leaves & TwigsSource : IndonesiaExtraction Method : Steam Distillation This Cajeput Essential Oil

10 ml Carrot Seed Essential Oil

Latin Name : Daucus Carota SativaPart Of Plant Used : Dried SeedsSource : HungaryExtraction Method : Steam Distillation Used in aromatherapy applications,